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Color Guide

Imagine being able to have your favorite garment in your favorite color. Well, with Aakasha, you can!
We know the feeling of falling in love with a piece of clothing only to find out it's not available in the color you adore. That's why we offer a wide range of color options that can be customized just for you.
As a slow fashion brand, we make our clothes to order, which means we can't showcase all the available color variations in our product gallery. However, we make sure to display our color palette on the product page as accurately as possible.
It's important to keep in mind:
1. We know that human perception of color is individual

 Also, it may differ depending on the digital devices you use. To make it easier for you to imagine the colors of our materials, we use color names that are familiar to everyone.
2. We use surplus fabrics for crafting some of our designs

In cases where a particular color is out of stock, we use such that is as similar as possible to the original shade.
3. We make our Capsule Designs using fabrics and colors that can never be restocked

The unique capsule pieces are part of our sustainability mission and are exclusively made in limited editions. By reducing textile waste, we minimize our environmental impact and promote a more responsible and conscious way of fashion.

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