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Brand Story

Our creators

We are Milena and Elena - best friends in life, best partners in business. To each other, we are the sisters we don't have in our own families. We always knew that together we could create something truly meaningful. Our families have become one, united under the Aakasha name, and we couldn't be more thrilled to share this journey together.

The birth of Aakasha was a natural evolution of our shared interests and creative vision. We wanted to create a fashion brand that was both contemporary and minimalist, reflecting our intelligent perspective on fashion. We believe that this approach offers a more sophisticated, understated style that is timeless and effortless.

Focused on modern people with style and purpose
At Aakasha, our focus is on creating avant-garde streetwear and accessories that are both artistic and quirky, yet sophisticated in their execution. We cater to modern individuals who exude style and purpose, regardless of their age or size. Our pieces challenge our wearers to step out of their comfort zones and dare to stand out from the crowd.
The epitome of alternative contemporary chic
Akasha embodies the free spirit and endless desire for freedom that is within all of us. Our fashion creations feature loose cuts, clean shapes, oversized silhouettes, and unisex designs that flatter every body type.
AAKASHA: A brand name with meaning
The word akasha itself has deep meaning, derived from the Sanskrit word for aether, the fifth element that fills the region of the universe above earth's sphere. It signifies "pure, fresh air" or "clear sky," and was traditionally used to explain natural phenomena such as the movement of light and gravity.
The four A's in our brand name, AAkAshA, represent the other four natural elements, while the triangular symbol is the most commonly used symbol of the fifth element, and has been part of our branding for years.

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